How to Boost Your SEO on YouTube

How to Boost Your SEO on YouTube

February 23, 2018 0 By adminblog

YouTube ranks second to Google as the biggest search engine in the world. It simply means that these two are the most frequently used website every month. According to a recent statistic, Google has about 1.1 billion visitors monthly while YouTube has more or less than a billion, and that is really more than any other sites like Yahoo!, Bing, Twitter and Facebook has. And did you know that YouTube has attracted approximately 4 billion video views per days and that has produced about $4 billion of revenue in just one year? But despite all of that, only a small percentage of small businesses that are based in the U.S. make use of YouTube.

It is very important for business owners to make use of the traditional SEO to drive and to increase traffic into their blogs, homepage and other social media profiles, but now it would seem foolish if they will just continue to ignore the help that YouTube ranking and video SEO could do for them.

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Here are some tips on how you can improve your online appearance through the help of YouTube search rankings.

You Need to Build Your Presence

As always, you have to start with the basics. So first, you need to create a profile on YouTube and you need to make a name for yourself first. Customize your profile and your YouTube channel so that you will be known as a relevant brand. Incorporate your logo on your channel and you should also use a unique banner. Make sure that you fill in your channel with some information about your brand and the value that it brings to YouTube.

Another thing that you have to make use of when you are trying to build your YouTube presence in the vanity URL is a custom and an easy to remember URL that will help customers find your channel easily. It is also very easy to create, but just remember that your channel has to be 30 days old with more than 500 subscribers a unique icon and a channel art for you to make a custom URL.


When it comes to video SEO keywords are still pretty important. You can use the keyword planner tool that Google has in order to know what keywords your customers are usually searching for. Next, you plug those keywords into the field on your YouTube account that says Channel Keywords, which is found under the account information. With video SEO, the goal is to make use of the keyword in the same way that users use when searching for a video.

Description is Very Important

The description is like a snippet that you can see below the video on your search and it is very important. Aside from the thumbnail of the video, users check out the video description to see if it is what they are looking and if it is worth clicking. So you need to make an interesting description that will want to make users click the video right away.

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